New Set: X-Men: Mind Games (32X, unreleased)

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New Set: X-Men: Mind Games (32X, unreleased)

Postby anosci » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:22 pm

some tunes by Jesper Kyd that eventually transformed into what you know from The Adventures of Batman and Robin ...
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New Set: X-Men: Mind Games (32X, unreleased)

Postby Rapidkirby3k » Sat Apr 22, 2017 1:42 pm

Coolies! :cool:
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New Set: X-Men: Mind Games (32X, unreleased)

Postby TEOL » Wed Apr 26, 2017 5:01 am


Mr. Nutz Hoppin' Mad we need logging properly out of the prototypes too.

I gave up logging it because I'm rubbish at the game so wouldn't get to the ending music.

I think it did use a password system but not by level but by world and that might not be there in MD Proto for it.

An easier way to log the harder to get tracks would be to hack in the missing musics into the pre existing audio test but I'm no hand in hacking yet alone trimming the tracks down to the proper loop points with the real track lenghs set in stone already on the AMIGA TFMX versions but as some of the tracks are sped up compared even comparing the lengh to a version of the game with direct lengh version loop point rips can be tricky.

If you want a go though as you did it well with this proto. Here are the proper lenghs of the tracks. Use something like a Deliplayer, BZR Player or anything else TMFX to play them including subtracks to the ends of the tracks compare them to the logs and hey presto we can get the MD version done if you are a hand at playing or hacking that is. ... pin%27_Mad

Yeah, it's a prototype set I would really like as it has what I beleive to be one of the better soundtracks for unreleased games. Thats why I'm asking someone who isn't afaid to touch or log prototypes to see what they can do with it.
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