Thread for off-site updates.

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Thread for off-site updates.

Postby ValleyBell » Thu Jul 13, 2017 6:39 pm

Monkeymook wrote:Doommaster1994 used to handle updating the sql set listing for new packs and contributed to massive amounts of composer updates (but they ran into IRL obligations and are temporarily AFAIK unable to contribute to the site), and I used to upload the new packs to the FTP, as I have privs for it, and VB would make the sets live with the new SQL file), but the biggest issue, is that although there is a specific form for uploads, I don't have the time to experiment with it enough to find out if new sets can be uploaded without an issue. I stay fairly busy with my personal life and work.

The SQL thing was actually a one-time event. I thought that, at least for the mass-update, it would be more comfortable for dissident93 (he did all the composer updates) to do all the updates locally (using a tool that looked like this) and upload everything at once to the site.
All future updates should be done using the web interface. (and maybe FTP uploads)

Monkeymook wrote:Another issue was that prior to the new "upload set" page being made, updating the site was a pain in the butt, as the design of it on the FTP and host is very outdated and cobbled together.

The web interface actually existed since about 2006. And I think that at least the pages for editing/creating packs (for making things visible on the site) are pretty straight-forward to use. It really only wants you to enter a few details about the pack like name and composers and things immediately show up. (I would ignore the "external links" section - it's something vampi-the-frog added last year.)
About the FTP - well, it used to be pretty messy during the big update. But that really was only during that time.

As for people being in charge: I always considered Monkeymook to be in charge of pack updates. As I'm doing work on vgmrips, I didn't bother keeping track of them as Monkeymook does already.
I'm main admin for the forum though and regularly delete spambots.
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Thread for off-site updates.

Postby Monkeymook » Thu Jul 13, 2017 10:16 pm

Koto wrote:The set collection will be sorted alphabetically, so each subforum would be a letter... And each set would be posted at its very own thread.

This could be tedious at the beginning, but I think is the best way to keep the site alive and kicking, cause regular updates seems to be very difficult to do.

I agree with this idea. It definitely seems more organized and consistent over there, but we have to work with what we have at the moment.

ValleyBell wrote:The SQL thing was actually a one-time event.

I was not aware this was not ongoing (because only a handful of packs were uploaded in between the time I started and the large now-2-year old update). Thanks for clarifying.

ValleyBell wrote:About the FTP - well, it used to be pretty messy during the big update.

The directory layout used to be confusing, but after a lot of clarification on how the site interacted with the newly-uploaded content, it makes more sense.

ValleyBell wrote:I'm main admin for the forum though and regularly delete spambots.

I keep an eye on the bots as well and also delete newly-created but non-posting spambots when the opportunity presents itself. Any help you provide is appreciated.
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Thread for off-site updates.

Postby Duke Nukem » Sun Oct 01, 2017 9:53 pm

For what it is worth, I'm still coming over here every now and then to make sure things are still around, but I don't have access to the site hosting anymore. I'm not even sure I have my password. I can't do anything in that regard even if I wanted to. Last I checked, Dark Pulse was the guy handling that sort of thing, but things have probably changed at this point.

I haven't touched any sort of web development in ages and, admittedly, what me and Andy put together about 10 years ago over here isn't anything outstanding. It was just the best we could do at the time to improve upon the then static HTML site.

I do strongly agree that a new team should be put in charge officially somehow. There's absolutely no justification for keeping updated sets off site, when DJSW and Dark Pulse set up P2612 to be the authoritative site for these VGM sets.

Which is to say, you have my blessings and any help I can offer to get things back on track in here.
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