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Popful Mail
English title: Popful Mail
Japanese title: ぽっぷるメイル
Composer(s): Mieko Ishikawa (石川 三恵子)
Atsushi Shirakawa (白川 篤史)
Hirofumi Matsuoka (松岡 博文)
Takahiro Tsunashima (綱島 貴博)
Masaru Nakajima (中島 勝)
Naoki Kaneda (金田 直樹)
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Sega/Mega-CD ()
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Set Data
Date added: 2011-02-11 Last update: 2014-08-26
Set version: 0.97 Set author: Valley Bell (Ripping/Timing), Dark Pulse (Rest)
Tracks: 23 Size: 780.4 KB
Rating: 8.63 (230 votes) Downloads: 7274
Comments: You will need in_vgm 0.40 or later to play this set properly! 0.97 02/24/2011 Valley Bell: Added almost all Title tags, reduced file size and reordered tracks to be more like a walkthrough.
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