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Cosmic Fantasy Stories
English title: Cosmic Fantasy Stories
Japanese title: コズミック・ファンタジー・ストーリーズ
Composer(s): Masayasu Yamamoto (山本正恭)
Michiko Naruke (なるけ みちこ)
Hisao Inoue (井上久夫)
Jun Hasebe (長谷部潤)
Tenpei Sato (佐藤天平)
Shingo Murakami (村上慎吾)
System: Sega/Mega-CD ()
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Set Data
Date added: 2014-04-17 Last update: 2014-08-26
Set version: 1.05 Set author: 2ch-H
Tracks: 22 Size: 543.41 KB
Rating: 8.24 (84 votes) Downloads: 2975
Comments: 1.05: Hasabe -> Hasebe
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