Hacking for VGMs

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Hacking for VGMs

Postby ValleyBell » Sat Jul 11, 2020 5:17 pm

Mickey's Ultimate Challenge, for helping Jason Ee with his pack:

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007A57      song ID for title screen (default: 09h)

verified BGM numbers are 01h..0Dh, the GEMS sequence file contains 80h songs in total

Make the game stay on the title screen forever (overwrite existing bytes):

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offset      byte code   ASM code            comment
------      ---------   --------            -------
007B8C      4EB8 05A6   JSR     $0005A6.w   ; wait for VSync
007B90      60FA        BRA.S   *-4         ; and do that forever

Additional patches for quick screen fading (i.e. less annoyance when booting the ROM)
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00712A      6A00 -> 6000    ; SEGA screen
00786C      6A00 -> 6000    ; Copyright screen
007926      6A00 -> 6000    ; Hi Tech Expressions screen
007A02      6A00 -> 6000    ; Designer Software screen
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