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GEMSPlay and Spirou

PostPosted: Fri Oct 09, 2015 10:44 am
by Koto

For long time I wanted to log Spirou set, and I have some questions about GEMSPlay

1º Could I use GEMSPlay to log VGMs of commercial games for P2612? VB states that SMPSPlay should not be used to log VGMs cause it doesn't emulate perfectly the original drivers. I want to know if GEMSPlay has the same issue.

2º Is there a way to play at 50Hz with GEMSPlay? Spirou is a game exclusive from PAL regions and is intended to be played at that speed, but with GEMSPlay the default speed is 60Hz, making the music going faster than the original.

3º If one or both of above questions has a "NO" for answer, could someone help me with the Spirou set? Without hacking is not possible to log the full Game Over tune and another unused tune.


See ya

GEMSPlay and Spirou

PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 9:16 am
by ValleyBell
1. Yeah, you shouldn't log using GEMSPlay.
2. No, GEMSPlay can only play at 60 Hz. (Looking at it, I obviously hacked the GUI together, so the 60 Hz are hardcoded at a lot of places.)
3. With a few Z80 RAM edits, hacking the GEMS driver is doable, I'll see if I can write you a short guide.

GEMSPlay and Spirou

PostPosted: Tue Oct 13, 2015 11:17 am
by Koto
Cool, could be useful for future sets too, thanks :)

See ya

GEMSPlay and Spirou

PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2016 4:16 pm
by Koto
ValleyBell, could you help me with the Spirou set before the main site update?

There's a couple of unused version and other music that cannot be properly logged (Cause all are absent of the sound test). Following the track order showed by GEMSPlay, the music is:

03 (Unused variation of Main Theme)
0C (Unused variation of The Subway)
0D (No idea, probably another unused variation)
10 (Miss)
11 (Miss variation used in Super Nes version)
12 (Game Over)

I don't know if is quickier for you logging those themes, but I'll be fine if you write that hacking guide and help me how to do it. Do what is more convenient for you.


GEMSPlay and Spirou

PostPosted: Wed May 25, 2016 7:37 am
2612 sounds perfect to me in Wave logging M1FX. If someone can adapt it to log to VGM instead bam best tool ever for logging 2612 ever made as it does both Megadrive and Arcade 2612 boards.

The M1.xml is a bit incomplete though and in the rare instance like Bart's Nightmare all the channels are split into different rom banks so that game supports a weird YM surround sound mode custom sound driver.

But for games other than them because there is no such thing as a multi channels VGM merger yet it's the dogs it just needs the rest of the Megadrive roms and arcades using 2608/2612/3438 added to the M1.xml, a VGM logging mode hacked in.

The maker of the M1FX edition for Windows also released the source code of it so good old Valleyball can make this bad boy VGM logging version happen if his a good enough programmer to put the VGM looging into it and to put every game for the chip ever into the M1.xml.

I definitely think that M1FX could become the preferred VGM logger of the future if a VGM logging version happens as it does boast more accurate sound over KEGA, Gems ect. on the games it does support in it's XML currently due to being an accuracy based version of the sound driver and the working accuracy being based on Green, Yellow and Red colours with the YM's being green on the sound front for accurate in MAME.

A GEMSPlay V2 made from the M1 FX engine for more accurate audio logging from YM Chips exclusively could work as well but it would lose the benifits of VGM logging formats outside of YM.

Also since it uses MAME Source Code and a lot more drivers have been released since then for even more audio chips support we may even want to look in the latest MAME Source Code and build it supported platforms even more for the VGM Logging edition.

What do you think about using the source for Mamesick's M1FX For Windows "possibly more chips from the latest MAME source as well" and adding VGM logging to it for it to become the best for the job? ... 1fx_src.7z