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Postby DJ Squarewave » Wed Aug 02, 2006 9:43 pm

HiddenDemise wrote:Batman - Not sure why I like this one, completed it multiple times but it just appeals to me nevertheless. All the other Batman games on Genesis suck IMO.

I've heard several people say they think highly of this one. IMO the NES game (also by Sunsoft) is superior in every way -- the music is way better, for one. ;) Check it out if you haven't before.
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Postby DeepChild » Thu Aug 03, 2006 2:52 pm

Top 5 eh? I'd have to say:

1) Herzog Zwei: great music, and a fun 2 player vs mode.
2) Warsong: great strategy/rpg
3) Landstalker: sweet action rpg.
4) Phantasy Star II: first RPG experience, got me hooked for life. Great tunes too.
5) Thunder Force II: have to agree with earlier post, the top down missions rock.
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Postby stimmo » Sat Aug 05, 2006 5:10 am

gotta start with streets fo rage trilogy though unlike most of you i say 3 is the best.... bastiches you wanna fight over it?

and one that no one mentioned so far is aladdin that was the one game that made me have to have a genesis.

always liked comix zone even if it is unbeatable

roadrash 1-3 was the best for laughs when i was a kid... had me and my sisters laughing for hours sometimes

and more recently i must needs be adding castlevania bloodlines

yeah yeah i didnt add sonic so what not saying its bad i had many many hours of fun playing sonic 2 but dimitri pretty much ruined it for me... the bastard, everyone give him a hard time i demand it

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Top 5 MD Games

Postby Yawackhary » Thu Aug 10, 2006 4:17 pm

Right Top 5, hmm... This is gonna be tough since a) don't have much MD games (on cartridges), b) lots of choice c) Ages since I played most of them (bar Sonics).

1. Sonic the Hedgehog Series (1-Knuckles): 1st videogame which I've played (Sonic 1 or not, can't remember) so it is legendary for starting a hobby, Everything from the sound to the graphics. :sonic:

2. Comix Zone/Gunstar Heroes/Streets of Rage: A 3 way tie. Comix Zone was unique, Gunstar Heroes for pushing the MD the limits and Streets of Rage for some brawling (came with Mega 6).

3. Castle of Illusion: Don't know why but it was enjoyable.

4. Micro Machines 96: A racing game that you could make levels. Had one called Seaside Strike. Fun game with retro music.

5. Taz - Escape from Mars: May not be the best game ever made but it was one of the few that was bought brand new at the time of owning the console (as well as Desert Strike and Sonic and Knuckles even though the manuals long gone [lost and rotted away] for S&K). Probably got it since it had Taz.

Honourable mentions:
Lotus Turbo Challenge
Desert Strike
Any other games on the Mega 6 Pak
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my top 5

Postby tehexile » Tue Sep 19, 2006 9:57 pm

1: Landstalker! I absolutely love any game made by climax.

2: Soleil. pretty, nice music, interesting plot. so easy you can finish it in a few hours, though... a more difficult version would be fun.

3: phantasy stars 2, 3 and 4. ps1 was good too.

4: Super hydlide, just for the music

5: Columns. completely addictive.
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Postby The Coop » Thu Oct 05, 2006 4:15 am



Phantasy Star IV- Good story, great music, interesting play mechanics, gorgeous graphics... it was a well rounded game that pulled you in and held on to you until its big finale. The game was just the right length, and the ending wasn't abrupt like so many other RPGs on the Genesis. Sure, they butchered the names, but it was a great experience from start to finish nonetheless.

HM- Lunar: The Silver Star, Shining in the Darkness, Phantasy Star III and Traysia.


Thunder Force IV- This game did so much right, it's a bit scary. The graphics? Awesome. The Music? Brilliant. The gameplay? Well balanced. This game brought together massive levels, with the ability to get harder as you got better... even on Mania. Even the weapon's felt well thought out, as each one comes in handy at some point.

HM- Gleylancer, M.U.S.H.A., Thunder Force III, Steel Empire and Eliminate Down (so I cheated on this one).


Eternal Champions: Challenge From The Dark Side- So many characters, so many ways to bring your opponent to a violent end, so many moves for each character... this game took the blood aspect of the Mortal Kombat series, pumped up the level of gore, but also pumped up the amount of gameplay. Where the original Genesis version had balance and gameplay issues (moves that were hard to pull off), the Sega CD sequel fixed a good amount of the issues, and improved on many aspects as well.

HM- Samurai Shodown, Fatal Fury Special, Fatal Fury II and Street Fighter II: Special Champion Edition.

-Beat'em Up

Streets of Rage 3- Sure, the music was pretty bad, but everything else about the game was the pinnacle for the series. Graphics, gameplay, challenge, multiple endings, plenty of characters to choose from... it was a full on, face pounding extravaganza that had just the right mix of fighting game and simple "Punch/Kick" gameplay. If 3 had the music of 1, it'd have basically been spot on.

HM- Final Fight CD, Streets of Rage, Splatterhouse 2 and TMNT: The Hyperstone Heist.

-Strategy RPG-

Shining Force CD- Take two Game Gear games, pump up the graphics, bring in gorgeous music, and make sure they're based off of the great Genesis series, and this is what you get. Fun and challenging battles make this game enjoyable, and the fact that there are two games on it, makes it doubly so.

HM- Shining Force and Shining Force II.


Gunstar Heroes- Hard as hell, great graphics, good tunes, and a frantic pace that rarely lets up. There's so much going on, and so many twists along the way to break up the simple "Run 'N Gun" formula, that it's surprising how long it took for a sequel to come about. There's little to complain about in this game.

HM- Mercs, El Viento, Midnight Resistance and Contra Hardcorps.

-Action Platform-

Castlevania: Bloodlines- The only Castlevania to grace Sega's 16-bit system, and it's a beauty. The graphics, music and levels are all extremely well done, and having two very differently playing characters makes it even better. Sure, it's a pretty easy game, but everything else makes up for that.

HM- Earthworm Jim, Alisia Dragoon, Mega Turrican and Shinobi III.


Sonic & Knuckles + Sonic 3- Now this, was a platformer. True, it was technically two games, but when combined, these two games made a long, challenging and thoroughly fulfilling game. The graphics were wonderful, the music was well done, and playing through multiple times with the various character selections was never boring, as each character could get to places the others couldn't. This was a work of art.

HM- Ristar, Tinhead, Sonic CD and Flink.


Herzog Zwei- Sure, this category is pretty barren on the Sega 16-bitter, but this game was just fun... not to mention the first RTS game. Lots of levels, good tunes, simple controls, good assortment of things to build... this game broke the mold, and let you have fun playing in that mold's wreckage.

HM- Dune 2.


Dragon's Fury- For a change, Tengen left a good thing alone. Technosoft did a fantastic job updating the TG-16 original. Everything got a touch up, and between the improved bonus rounds, music and such, this game just shines as how to do a pinball game right.

HM- Um, none really, as the few other pinball games aren't all that good.

-Action RPG-

Landstalker- Climax did a wonderful job with this game. The graphics, music, story, simple gameplay mechanics and the challenge are all well polished. Well, except for that damned dark pair of boots that are hidden in a dark cavern. That was infuriating. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the game from beginning to end.

HM- Beyond Oasis, Light Crusader, Sword of Vermillion and The Immortal.


OutRun- The Genesis may not having scaling, but this game pulls of a great simulation. All the courses, all the endings, all the tunes, and a few extras, make for a great translation of an arcade classic.

HM- Top Gear 2, Super Monaco GP, Super Hang-On and Road Rash.


LHX Attack Chopper- I've always enjoyed helicopter games, and getting to fly around in this thing was fun. It's one of the smoother running simulations on the system, and it just came of as a lot of fun.

HM- F-22 Interceptor, After Burner II, G-Loc and F-15 Strike Easgle II.

A couple games that need mention because they don't really fit squarely in one of the above sections...

Soul Star- Galaxy Force meets Battlecorps. Great 3D, epic orchestral tunes, good length... this game showed what the Sega CD could do when properly put to work. Shame nothing else like it came to pass.

Red Zone- Not really a shmup, and not really an action game. This odd mix was graphically amazing, musically enjoyable, and had one hell of a vicious challenge. If you can get used to the Desert Strike-like controls, it's a fun game.

The "Strike" series- Not really shmups, not really action games, and not really strategy games. There were an odd hybrid that worked well, and were a lot of fun to play through. EA did a good job bringing this series to life with good visuals, an interesting perspective and a serious challenge at times.
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Postby DJ Squarewave » Thu Oct 05, 2006 7:01 am

The Coop wrote:HM- Um, none really, as the few other pinball games aren't all that good.

Ever played Virutal Pinball? It's no Devil Crush but it's a top-class traditional pinball game.

Also, I notice the only western-made game that got top honors from you is Eternal Champions. ;) Interesting that there's so many great Japanese games for the system when it was a dismal failure over there. Perhaps it comes from Japanese developers playing to American tastes...

Also also, Technosoft 4 life! :sonic:
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Postby The Coop » Thu Oct 05, 2006 2:54 pm

DJ Squarewave wrote:Ever played Virutal Pinball? It's no Devil Crush but it's a top-class traditional pinball game.

Also, I notice the only western-made game that got top honors from you is Eternal Champions. ;)

If there hadn't been a Castlevania game, Earthworm Jim probably would have gotten top billing there ;)

And yeah, I have Virtual Pinball. It's not bad, but I felt it just came off as a soulless mish-mash of ideas... that it tried to do a lot, but didn't do much of what it strived for well. Granted, it was better than Twisted Flipper and Sonic Spinball (I've never played Dinoland), but it just didn't have the style or personality to push it beyond being average to me.

DJ Squarewave wrote: Interesting that there's so many great Japanese games for the system when it was a dismal failure over there. Perhaps it comes from Japanese developers playing to American tastes...

Also also, Technosoft 4 life! :sonic:

I think part of the reason was that on the Genesis, there just weren't as many US developers pumping out games. Sure, there was Shiny, EA, Accolade, Tengen and a few others bringing out good and technically advanced titles. But even with the system's poor showing in Japan, there were still more companies making games for it from there that were not only good, but that also really pushed the system's capabilities (Europe had a few that did this as well, like Zyrinx).

Plus, in America, companies seem to focus more on the bottom line of "How much can we make off of this?" when dealing with a system. The US Saturn fell victim to this in a big way, as did the US Dreamcast later in its life. In Japan, this mentality doesn't come off as strongly. They seem to put just as much effort in a failing system's games, as they do into a successful one's. Look at the Wonderswan and some of the games it got. It's almost like a kind of loyalty in a way... that a given company committed itself to making games for a system, and they're sticking to their guns, and with that system's fans, no matter how badly the system may be doing. The fact that the Dreamcast still got a couple games this year kind of backs that up I believe.
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My List

Postby Simon the Dragon » Tue Nov 21, 2006 7:35 pm

My list:

Alien Soldier - Whirlwind gameplay, stunning sound.:eek:
Bubba'n'Stix - Lovely graphics, outstanding idea.:)
Contra Hard Corps - Staggering, colorful gameplay and music.:D
Ecco and Ecco:ToT - Original gameplay, fascinating music, charming atmosphere.;)
Earthworm Jim 1 & 2 - Lambent humour, excellent graphics, music and animation.:D
Flashback - Gripping story and atmosphere.:)
Out Of This World - See Flashback and multiply by 2.:ring:
Rock'n'Roll Racing - Magnificent multiplayer, good music.:cool:
Toejam & Earl - Cheerful multiplayer.:D
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Panorama cotton work on pal megadrive?

Postby Knuckles-chaotix » Tue Nov 28, 2006 5:30 am

alianger wrote:Sonic 2 & Knuckles - climax of the series imo, both in design and music. Exploring the levels with Knuckles is pretty fun too.. kinda wish they'd skipped most of no. 3 and put the best levels into S&K instead.

Shining Force 2 - I really like the battle system and the challenge level.

Ecco – Tides of time - frustrating, but the atmosphere pulls me right in and the music is excellent.

Panorama Cotton - the only shooter that's blown me away completely. :O

Micro Machines 2 - probably the most fun I've had in a mega drive multiplayer game, but games like general chaos, bomberman and toejam & earl 1-2 are pretty close.

Would've loved to do a top 5 for soundtracks as well, but there's just so much I haven't really listened to so it'll have to wait. Probably for a few months.

Panorama cotton work on a pal megadrive?
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