Shiru's VGM Music Maker (.vgm tracker for windows)

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Re: Shiru's VGM Music Maker (.vgm tracker for windows)

Postby Shiru » Fri Jul 08, 2011 2:02 am

Download VGM Music Maker v1.02

The docs wrote:1.02 08.07.11

* Help item disappeared from the About menu after a module or an instrument has been opened
* VGM output is improved and optimized, also fixed bugs with exporting modules with large amount of sample data
+ Built-in VGM optimization code from VGMTools by Valley Bell
* Saved VGE files were too big, had 32K of empty data added by a mistake
* PSG envelope now is reset on every new note, previous FM-like behaviour didn't allowed to use instruments with slow attack in a predictable way
* Effects above F were displayed incorrectly in previous/next patterns
* Resampling had problems with large samples with 32000 Hz samplerate
* DAC and FM desync by a frame in the VGM exporter is fixed
* Detune parameter of a wrong PSG instrument has been used
* Unsupported WAV files were blocked until the editor closed
* Some clicks in the end of samples are removed
* Default volume is lowered a bit to prevent clipping
* SMPS instruments import is fixed
+ Automatic horizontal scroll in the pattern editor for cursor movements
+ Now detune for PSG is audible in the instrument editor
* Periodic noise was detuned because of wrong emulated PSG settings
+ Adjustable pitch for samples
+ Testing samples with Space key
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Re: Shiru's VGM Music Maker (.vgm tracker for windows)

Postby seiji_konokama » Fri Aug 19, 2011 2:22 pm

Thank you kindly, Shiru. I've been wanting to create my own Sega Genesis-style music for quite some time. It couldn't have been done without your wonderful tool. :cool:
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Shiru's VGM Music Maker (.vgm tracker for windows)

Postby Kaminari » Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:33 pm

TFM was a Spectrum tracker that got raped by pointless Sega fan requests and critics. TFM should have never supported YM2612 in the first place; but Shiru felt to oblige and that resulted in many rants against the tracker, which was labeled "almost but not quite good enough" for the MD. Ungrateful little bastards.
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