Converting to MIDI with separate channels ?

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Converting to MIDI with separate channels ?

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Is there any program that can convert VGZ,VGM to MIDI but with all separate channels? I tried VGM2MID and after that when i load a file into DAW (Ableton) all instruments are merged into one channel and that's problem. I am into music for quite some time and i wanted to make covers of the songs with real,hardware synths etc.

Any help is highly apreciated. Thanks ;)

P.S i wanted accurate versions of songs that's why i am asking this related to VGZ files on this site.
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Converting to MIDI with separate channels ?

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What do you mean with "channels" exactly - MIDI channels or tracks?

MIDI files support 16 channels that all can play a different instrument and a larger number of tracks.
vgm2mid exports MIDIs that map each VGM channel to a separate MIDI channel. But it writes MIDIs in "format 0", where all channels are mixed into a single track. The alternative to this is "format 1" where each channel has its own track.
Both variants are common, though format 1 is more popular. Format 0 is seen a lot in games and electronic keyboards often record in that format, too. Format 1 is used when sequencing MIDIs manually.

A good MIDI editor should have the ability to split that single track into one for each channel. (Some editors even do that automatically when loading the MIDI.)
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Converting to MIDI with separate channels ?

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I wrote a script once to split the notes into separate channels by instrument. I usually keep the MIDI channel intact.

I was using it to fool around with orchestrations of Mega Drive music.

It took something like 15 minutes to do in Python and a MIDI library. If you have some programming experiment, I suggest you give it a shot.
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