Happy birthday, Project2612!

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many thanks

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mark steven miller of neuromantic productions (Chakan, ToeJam and Earl, etc) here.

Many thanks for this project. It is great to see that some of the innovative Genesis music produced in the early 90's has a place to live (other than on a few archival DATs in my basement).

Good luck and keep up the good work...

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Woo someone from the VIDEO GAME INDUSTRY! :cool: :cool: :cool:

I'm starstruck! Well, kind of. :lol:

Hey Chakan's a hard game. Just to let you know. And Toe Jam & Earl = awesomeness.

Obviously I love this site.
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Always nice to see the people that provided the music show up to commend the project.
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Happy birthday, Project2612!

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Wow. What a dead thread.

I guess I'll give it some love, since I've been gone so long.

Happy post-11th birthday, Pj2612. <3

(I'm not dead. Work just keeps me busy.)
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Happy birthday, Project2612!

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Holy moly, 11 years!

That's a serious milestone, thanks for all your work and keep it up!
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