[GUIDE] Downloading sets

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[GUIDE] Downloading sets

Postby donluca » Sat May 20, 2017 9:02 am

There are several ways to obtain VGMs:

1 - From this website
Bear in mind those might not be the most updated sets and have issues.
Simply go to Downloads and choose the game you want.

2 - From torrent -
Torrents are updated twice per year.
To use the torrent you have to use third party software such as uTorrent ( ).
Download the torrent file from the link above and open it with uTorrent: it will let you choose if you want to download the entire vgm sets or just some of them.
If you're going for the complete set, downloading a new torrent and pointing it to the folder where you have a previous one will update it without downloading it all again.
Bear in mind that if you have modified something (set names, etc...) you will have duplicates.

3 - From Google Drive - ... m55NGpPZ2s
Google Drive is updated as soon as a new set is out.
Just open the link above and you'll be presented with a folder with all the games.
Here you can either click on the downward arrow (or right click and choose "Download") to download all the game's tracks or click on the game name to enter the folder and choose only some tracks to download.

If you want to download all the sets, you can do so by clicking "Download all" in the upper right corner of the page.
When you download folders or the entire set, Google Drive will zip them for you. This process may take a while depending on the number of files and their size, so please be patient.

If you're serious about this project and want to have all the sets always automatically updated on your hard disk, you have to register a Google account in order to obtain your Google Drive ( ). If you already have one (which is highly likely) you're already good to go.
After this, open the Google Drive link above, then in the upper part click " Site Sets" and click "Add to my Drive".
Now you'll have to download the Google Drive software ( ) and install it.
After that, open the software, login with your credentials if necessary and it will create a Google Drive folder in your disk where it will download the sets. Now the syncing process starts and it may take a lot of time depending on your connection.
Everytime the sets will receive an update, your files will be automatically updated, so you don't have to worry about manually updating them.
This will give you the most updated sets and you can play them right away with your player of choice (such as RYMCast )

Feel free to ask questions right away if anything is not clear!
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