New Set: Ultraman

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New Set: Ultraman

Post by JeffCharizardFlame »

Hey!~ Always been interested in doing some rips for the community, and this might actually be my first one that gets released.

While I did hear that the game Ultraman was being logged by someone else at one point, from what I gathered not much progress was made as of late, so I figured I'd settle down and do a log of it myself! Plus, I was inspired to do this by the fact that the SNES version had been logged years ago, but there was never a Mega Drive log done. Well, until now, but you know what I mean.

Huge thanks to ValleyBell for walking me through the process of modifying the game rom to load a scene where music loops normally, and to play a specific song, because without that some of this would not be possible, since the game lacks a typical sound test and the game pauses all music to play a jingle when you pause the game, which is also in the set. Also managed to find an unused song that isn't used anywhere in the game, so that was fun.~

This rip at the moment is in what I call version 0.9, because I've got all the tagging done, but some of the songs I actually couldn't find loop points for that easily besides the SSSP March, and as such I included a text file that brings up what songs need looping. I THINK I've got the songs compressed semi-decently, but if not, let me know.

Hope to do more stuff for the VGM logging community soon!
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New Set: Ultraman

Post by Monkeymook »

Great work! I've saved it so you can remove it if need be, and once I get around to checking these other packs sometime this century, I'll have it uploaded for you!
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