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Jason Ee
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New Member: Jason Ee

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Hello, I'm Jason Ee. I'm a 17 year old from Singapore, an obscure Asian country.

I was registered to this site after contacting ValleyBell via the VGMRips IRC channel. It's a pleasure to be a part of this forum, and I hope to be able to talk to all of you eventually.

I was attracted to this site because I played on a bootleg Sega Genesis system, and lived playing Genesis games when I was a child. The music from the games brought me such nostalgia, I wanted to bring them back in the form of music arrangements on YouTube. I became both an arranger and composer through hobby that way, and continue covering and making my own arrangements and original compositions for others to enjoy today.

I joined this forum because I was working on a VGM pack for Ghost Hunter, a game similar to Magic Girl, in that they were both unlicensed, and needed to get feedback on the pack I've been working on. I've been moved by Project2612's dedication to preserving VGMs for the Sega Genesis system, and that's why want to contribute by making VGM packs of games that haven't been added to the project.

By being a new contributor, I hope to see a resurgence of VGM packs being added to the archive, and be able to work with others to make Project2612 complete and updated. Thank you.

I apologise to Logan Jones for imitating his original post when he first joined. I'm not good at introductions without a reference, so, sorry Logan!
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New Member: Jason Ee

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Welcome aboard and thanks for your contribution!
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