Happy birthday, Project2612!

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Duke Nukem
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Happy birthday, Project2612!

Post by Duke Nukem »

Happy birthday, Project2612! :sonic:

As you can see from the recent announcementhttp://forums.project2612.org/announcement.php?f=4, Project2612 celebrates its first anniversary today!

Thanks, DP and DJSW, for starting this wonderful project. If it wasn't for all this, a lot of Genesis\MD music would have been forgotten and under-appreciated. Also, a big thanks to both Maxim and blargg for making VGM THE format for YM2612 tunes.

And a big thanks to everyone else who joined our community for appreciators of YM2612 music! :)

Here's to another year! :lol:

Now put some VGMs on and let's party!
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Post by aLoner »

Happy Birthday! I love you, guys, you're the best!
Love old school game music :)
Speedy Boris
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Post by Speedy Boris »

You guys are kings among men, seriously. Kings among men.
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Post by Landale »

When I first heard about project2612 I was a bit skeptical but, 597 VGM sets in one year, not bad. Hope this site will live forever.

Happy Birthday, and thanks to everyone ! :)
"Deel Klesso Ma Hahm"
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Post by Andy »

Happy birthday!
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Post by Akumu »


an amazing project with amazing music
Classic Game Guy
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Post by Classic Game Guy »

Congratulations guys. This site is great.
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Post by Frosty »

Happy Birthday! Keep them tunes coming :D
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Post by TonicBH »

*blows a party blower* Hooray for Genesis music that doesn't suck ass.

I mean, seriously, GYMs. Quality sucked plus files were several megs per file. You'd have better luck recording MP3s from the game to save space.

Or get these. :D
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Post by Yawackhary »

Happy 1st anniversary of this site. For ages before here, I was looking for sets but thery were either incomplete or BAD quality but after reading the upcoming thread on both on SMS Power! and on where M1 was hosted, I was enjoyed by superior quality music and downloaded a lot since it first started and with most of the popular titles done (such as :sonic: ).

Raise a glass to Dark Pulse and DJSquarewave for this site and their rips that will guaranteed to last for a long time. Oh, and Maxim for making the VGM format which I also listen to Master System/Game Gear music as well. Forgot Blargg for making them smaller.

P.S. Since there has been lots of music ripped for the Gen/MD, how many is left before every game that has music is done which by that time wouldn't be quite long?
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