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Kazunori Hasegawa (長谷川和伯)
Shigeru Tomita (冨田茂)
Hiroto Kanno (菅野ひろと)
Fumito Tamayama (玉山文人)
Sega Mega Drive / Genesis 418.65 KB 7.82 5981 2014-08-26
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Turbo OutRun
Hiroshi Kawaguchi (川口博史)
Yasuhiro Takagi (高木保浩)
Sega (セガ)
Sega Mega Drive / Genesis 601.29 KB 5.22 6808 2020-03-19
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Undead Line
Kazunori Hasegawa (長谷川和伯)
Sega Mega Drive / Genesis 960.21 KB 7.48 6199 2014-08-26
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