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Tatsuya Uemura (上村達也)
Sega Mega Drive / Genesis 4.3 MB 7.73 8489 2014-08-26
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Twin Cobra: Desert Attack Helicopter (AKA Kyuukyoku Tiger)
Tatsuya Uemura (上村達也)
Hiroto Kanno (菅野ひろと)
Sega Mega Drive / Genesis 124.76 KB 7.33 6415 2014-08-26
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Zero Wing
Tatsuya Uemura (上村達也)
Toshiaki Tomizawa (富沢敏明)
Masahiro Yuge (弓削雅稔)
Sega Mega Drive / Genesis 1.24 MB 8.01 12054 2014-08-26
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