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Virtua Racing
English title: Virtua Racing
Japanese title: バーチャレーシング
Composer(s): Takenobu Mitsuyoshi (光吉猛修)
System: Sega Mega Drive / Genesis (セガメガドライブ)
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Set Data
Date added: 2006-01-18 Last update: 2020-03-19
Set version: 1.01 Set author: DJ Squarewave / Valley Bell
Tracks: 24 Size: 478.91 KB
Rating: 7.92 (92 votes) Downloads: 8879
Comments: Update 1.01 (2015-04-17): I modified the sound driver to prevent it from fading the songs out automatically. Fixed songs are: Medium Start, Time Extend 1, 4, 5, Best Lap 2-5, Pit In/Out
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