Project2612 Statistics
General Archive Statistics
Number of sets:686Average rating:6.88 / 10
Total downloads:5440083Average votes per file:374.35
Average downloads:7930.15Total votes:256801
Set Statistics
By Dates
Newest set:Robot Battler added on March 19, 2020
Oldest set:CrossFire (AKA Super Airwolf) (スーパーエアーウルフ) added on October 9, 2005
By Rating and Votes
Highest rating:Sonic the Hedgehog (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ) rated 9.27 / 10 (1308 votes)
Lowest rating:32X PWM Test rated 1.53 / 10 (1153 votes)
Most voted:Strider (AKA Strider Hiryuu) (ストライダー飛竜) with 26599 votes averaging 7.34 / 10
Least voted:Paddle Fighter with 2 votes averaging 6.50 / 10
By Downloads
Most downloaded:Street Fighter II Turbo (beta) (ストリートファイターⅡターボ) with 66888 downloads
Least downloaded:Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine with 34 downloads
By Set Size & Number of Tracks
Largest set:After Burner Complete (アフターバーナー) at 51.75 MB
Smallest set:Bible Adventures at 11.56 KB
Most tracks:Mega Man: The Wily Wars (ロックマンメガワルード) with 82 tracks
Least tracks:Populous (ポピュラス) with 1 track
By Other Info
Longest title:The Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie (AKA Mickey to Minnie Magical Adventure 2) (ミッキーとミニー マジカルアドベンチャー2) with 92 characters
Shortest title:16t with 3 characters
Most composers:Sonic the Hedgehog 3 (ソニック・ザ・ヘッジホッグ3) with 11 composers: Tatsuyuki Maeda,Tomonori Sawada,Sachio Ogawa,Masayuki Nagao,Masanori Hikichi,Miyoko Takaoka,Jun Senoue,Michael Jackson,Brad Buxer,Masaru Setsumaru,Yoshiaki Kashima

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